Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween - Waiting for Skywalker

in a galaxay far, far away... called the Milky Way, I had a self made white (rather shiny) dress with big sleeves, and some 70s looking platforms and ended up with a Princess Leia costume. All I had to do next, was the hair, and I was so relieved at how perfect it went for the Halloween Party. 
How I've taken this photo, reminds me of when she was kidnapped, and held in some weird futuristic room (as were all the rooms in those films), and then she's rescued by Luke. 
Halloween isn't always cobwebs and skulls, you can dress up in a slightly more retro fashion too. 
oh and also, I have terrible memory of the original trilogy, even though I've seen them since - I was made to watch it from about age 3, because my dad loved it, of course, but also because my granddad was in the orchestra (lead violinist!) for the music!

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