Friday, 16 May 2014

Shopcade Style Battle

In April, I entered the Style Battle on the brand new Shopcade app. So firstly, what's the app? It's sort of like instagram, except it's solely for posting outfits, looks, items even makeup etc. and tagging where they are from. So really, it's lookbook meets instagram. However you can also search brands, shops or even a trend or an item of clothing and a vast selection of things will come up and hopefully show you exactly what you've been looking for.

For example, if you searched 'kimono' it would come up with all the kimonos that are in the shops right now and which shops they're from! (As if online shopping could get any easier). So once you've found the perfect item, you can add it to your want list (hint hint birthday pressie list) or, if you already own that kimono you can add it to the list of things you own; I have a widget for this on my blog meaning my followers can find anything I post in a look super easy, or add it straight on to their lists on Shopcade. You could even use the lists to make a personal trend edit, such as 'pastel items you're loving right now' or 'the best cut out shoes'. So this is an element of pinterest... Shopcade pretty much roles up the best social media sites/apps into one useful blogger app.

So when people browse the feed (which is open to the entire community), they see your look, check it out, see an item they like, and find where it's from on your list. Or, if they're inspired and want to look for something similar, they can search for more like it.

On to the competition: I posted looks with #stylebattle for the April contest to win a photoshoot for WEARECOLLISION magazine; although I missed out on this, I was a runner up so I was invited to the VIP party at the Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch celebrating the launch of the app and the monthly contest. There were yummy cocktails, live music and a host of in-the-know fashion personnel in an incredible apartment suite, making it an ideal insight into the fashion world. My sister even got snapped by someone from Motel Rocks as she wore their feather print playsuit.

Fancy entering? Want to find out more and get involved in the fashion or media industry? Find out more here

And here's what went down at the party... 

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