Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Shopcade Style Battle

Behind the scenes on the Shopcade Blog

I'm so happy to announce that I won the Shopcade Style Battle this month. So I'm going to tell you all about my experience. This is the winning look I entered on the app, which you can shop here:


First, I got an email asking if I was free on the dates of the photoshoot and party, to which I replied yes. Next thing I knew, I had an email saying I'd won! So I went to the photoshoot where they did my hair, makeup and styled me in Motel Rocks clothes (my favourite brand right now). The theme was matte grunge, so I put on my grumpy, but fun face and really had an amazing time. Here's what went down:

It was so much fun, and everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease. The selection of outfits was amazing, and I even got to keep the monochrome shirt outfit! I think it's great that people who have personal style blogs get a chance to win this kind of experience - it's always models wearing the clothes in magazines, but it's real people their for. I hope more people feel encouraged to feel comfortable in what they wear through style blogs - it just proves anyone has the ability to wear whatever the hell they want, and express the current trends they like the most.

Photo credit: Dani Riot
Shop the dungaree dress look here

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